Fast Food Nation Book Summary (PDF) by Eric Schlosser

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Why This Book Matters:

Fast Food Nation explains the fast food industry as a popular business concept that brought innovation and as well as unhealthy habits into the neighborhoods where they thrive.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Fast food restaurants use tactics to attract life-long customers but offer little long-term value.
    1. If Fast food restaurants are notorious for offering fun things such as playgrounds and toys in kids’ meals while neglecting nutrition in the food they offer.
  2. Though they provide jobs, they take advantage of unskilled workers.
    1. Poor working conditions result in high employee turnover, especially since corporate offices tend to intimidate workers who try to join or form unions.
  3. Many fast-food companies franchise their restaurants to reduce risk, even though those franchises may not experience profit.
    1. Owners must follow all corporate policies which can work against them.
  4. Local farmers are often pushed out of business.
    1. Farmers are contracted into situations with little control over production and narrow profit margins.
  5. Slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants are dangerous places to work.
    1. These places are essential for fast food restaurants to operate and make money.

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