The War of Art Book Summary (PDF) by Steven Pressfield

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Why This Book Matters:

The War of Art discusses how to deal with negativity to accomplish your goals even though there will always be roadblocks to overcome.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Resistance is all in your head, and everyone experiences it at some point in their life.
    1. If Self-doubt, the dread of disappointment, and stalling are examples of how we prevent ourselves from reaching our goals.
  2. We must make internal resistance beneficial to ourselves to become the person we want to be.
    1. Fear means that one cares, so use the surge of fear to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.
  3. Know who you are and know what you are good at. Use it to your advantage.
    1. Humans never stop learning and growing, even as professionals.
  4. Learn how to shape yourself and be persistent when dealing with difficulties.
    1. Hardships are part of the process of development and will always be there, but learning how to deal with it will help you jump over the hurdles.
  5. Just like we have negative thoughts, we also have positive ones that we can use to offset adversity.
    1. There will always be external resistance, so use positive thoughts and hard work to overcome these difficulties.

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