The Sixth Extinction Book Summary (PDF) by Elizabeth Kolbert

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Why This Book Matters:

The Sixth Extinction highlights the current danger of mass extinction and focuses on how we can reverse some of the damage already caused.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The evolution of human living conditions and travel has had an impact on the impending sixth extinction.
    1. If Humans are to blame for causing this rare event by creating current modes of conveyance.
  2. Impact theory explains how the last mass extinction could have happened, which is through environmental changes.
    1. Although mass extinction events are inevitable, humans have played a pivotal role in the newest extinction event.
  3. Carbon dioxide has caused the global climate to gradually warm, and thus has caused the process of extinction to happen at a faster pace.
    1. Species who can only survive in colder climates will die out as habitats vanish.
  4. Modern transportation around the world has been dangerous to already-susceptible animal populations.
    1. The natural blockades between species have changed because of humans changing the landscape, thus leading to species interacting in negative ways.
  5. Neanderthals could have become extinct through the actions of Homo sapiens.
    1. Neanderthals were not nomadic, unlike Homo sapiens who traveled to new corners of the world.

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