The Secret Book Summary (PDF) by Rhonda Byrne

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Why This Book Matters:

The Secret explains how we create our universes, teaching us that we are in full control of the way the world treats us through the emotion we put into the world.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The law of attraction is the most potent force in the universe.
    1. If The emotion you put into the universe is the same you will get out of the universe.
  2. The law of attraction doesn’t comprehend the things we don’t want of life.
    1. The law of attraction is rooted in the frequencies of the universe.
  3. Ask and believe to receive.
    1. We create our universes. Therefore, we must be clear and be faithful to gain what we desire out of life.
  4. To achieve fruitful relationships in your life, you must first picture their success and approach them with positivity.
    1. Let negative energy go rather than worrying about its existence interfering with your positivity.
  5. Thinking positively is the first step to a healthier life.
    1. The way we think about ourselves and our lives dictates our physical well-being.

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