The Plant Paradox Book Summary (PDF) by Steven R. Gundry

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Why This Book Matters:

The Plant Paradox discusses the potential risks of eating certain plants as food that seem healthy, as well as the differences in our diets versus our ancestors’ diets.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Specific proteins found in plants can cause weight gain and disorientation.
    1. If Many plants use lectins as defense mechanisms that can cause these side effects in humans
  2. Lectins harm Homo sapiens, but our ancestors’ relied on them to survive.
    1. Ancestors used lectins found in grains and beans to eat during the last Ice Age as they had no other alternative.
  3. These lectins in whole-grain products cause our bodies to attack themselves.
    1. Lectins allow microbes in our intestines to break out of the tract, causing the rest of our bodies to think of them as an illness that must be squashed.
  4. The Plant Paradox program recommends a three-day cleanse to drain the lectins out of your body.
    1. Lettuce, spinach, and avocado smoothies are a great way to cleanse your body.
  5. Today’s food does not have the same nutrients that it did in the past, but taking supplements can help fill the holes.
    1. Fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as we believe because they do not contain the same, organic substances they did when our ancestors harvested them.

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