The China Study Book Summary (PDF) by T. Colin Campbell PhD

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Why This Book Matters:

The China Study explains how what you eat is directly linked to how you feel, advocating for leaving the meat behind, and turning to veganism for the sake of your health.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Consider that what you know about food now is not necessarily true,
    1. If What you know about food today is influenced by ways of thinking that may not be the whole truth.
  2. The food you choose to put in your body has just as much effect as medication.
    1. Medicine alone cannot heal an unhealthy lifestyle.
  3. An abundance of protein is not as important as you think it is.
    1. Protein is vital to keep the body functioning correctly, but you may not need as much as you once thought.
  4. Certain diseases, such as cancer, have been linked to diets that place a significant emphasis on protein from animals.
    1. Restricting the intake of protein from animals and consuming more protein from plants can potentially slow the growth of potentially cancerous cells.
  5. Health starts at consuming more plants and fewer animals.
    1. Scientific studies show that a vegan diet can steer your health in the right direction.

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