The Now Habit Book Summary (PDF) by Neil Fiore

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Why This Book Matters:

The Now Habit lets readers know how they can beat procrastination and get more done.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We tend to put off the things we find unpleasant, but it is only temporary relief.
    1. If No one wants to do the boring things in life, so they put them off. That feels great at that moment. However, it will have to be done eventually.
  2. Procrastination is not being lazy.
    1. People have been taught to find work tedious as well as essential, resulting in a never-ending cycle of fearing the task at hand.
  3. Many tend to measure their value through the work they produce.
    1. By putting off work, we attempt to protect our self-esteem.
  4. Accept that failure is the path to success.
    1. The mixture of pressure to perfect and procrastination leads to tense situations. Thus, we must accept the possibility of mistakes and get started.
  5. Change the way you talk to yourself.
    1. Using phrases like “I need to” or “I have to” create a negative reflection on the task at hand, forfeiting your mindset to negativity.

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