The Intelligent Investor Book Summary (PDF) by Benjamin Graham and comments by Jason Zweig

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Why This Book Matters:

The Intelligent Investor explains how to become a reliable investor of the stock market, including methods for making the best investments for you.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. An intelligent investor doesn’t just invest; they think their investments through to the end.
    1. If It isn’t about being the first to invest; it’s about making investments that will have long-term payouts.
  2. There are three critical factors to an intelligent investment.
    1. Look at the company’s financial structure, how well of a job their management does, and how often it pays dividends.
  3. Intelligent investors look at the past, not just the present and the future.
    1. Knowing the history of a stock is one of the best ways to make an intelligent investment.
  4. The stock market is not predictable.
    1. Look at the stock market as a complex person who has many moods, thoughts, and feelings.
  5. Have diverse investments that balance one another out.
    1. Think of who you are and what you value, and make your portfolio reflect that person.

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