The Ideal Team Player Book Summary (PDF) by Patrick Lencioni

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Why This Book Matters:

The Ideal Team Player gives readers an idea of what the perfect pick for their team may look like by explaining the traits they should look for when bringing someone on board.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. There are five sure-fire ways to identify if your team is fractured.
    1. If A lack of care, accountability, commitment, and trust, along with an unwillingness to make decisions as a team are five of the most obvious identified of whether your team is working as one unit or not.
  2. Every good worker has a desire for more.
    1. Whether it’s for the team or their personal gain, a good worker will always be attempting to go above and beyond.
  3. A socially in-tune person is more likely to work better in a group.
    1. People who understand the importance of social interactions will perform better in a team, where social skills are a must.
  4. A good member of your team will consider the group before they consider themselves.
    1. Someone who is invested in the team’s success over their own will be the best team player.
  5. Three factors can make or break your decision of whether someone belongs on your team.
    1. Humbleness, a desire to push themselves further, and a strong individual presence are all factors that play into whether a person is right for a team.

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