Thanks for the Feedback Book Summary (PDF) by Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen

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Why This Book Matters:

Thanks for the Feedback helps readers understand how the importance of feedback and how the meaning of criticism varies from person to person.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Feedback comes in three forms.
    1. If Appreciation, coaching, and evaluation are the three types of feedback.
  2. Figure out what your feedback truly means.
    1. Even if feedback seems like it isn’t beneficial to us, we must assess the reason someone would give us this particular feedback and make changes from there as we see necessary.
  3. Feedback is the only way we can truly see ourselves.
    1. There are parts of ourselves we don’t see from reflection, and only through the eyes of others can we take note of those things.
  4. The closeness and communication we have with the person giving feedback influences how we process it.
    1. The criticism that some people dish out is easy to accept, while the feedback of others is hard to comprehend. This is often based on the type of relationship we have with that person.
  5. The way we process feedback is based on our brain.
    1. Our brain is wired to accept some feedback while rejecting other feedback.

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