The Sports Gene Book Summary (PDF) by David Epstein

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Why This Book Matters:

The Sports Gene explains how many physical factors that make a good athlete are passed down to them through their genetics.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Physical genetic factors play into an athlete’s success.
    1. If For example, the length of one’s arms is looked at when assessing whether they would be a good basketball player.
  2. Physical examination of athletes goes bone-deep.
    1. In sports like running or swimming, it’s common for the best athletes to be “built” a certain way.
  3. Just like people inherit their bone structure, they inherit their muscle structure.
    1. The functionality of one’s muscles is inherited through their genes.
  4. Your aerobic capacity is also genetic, but it can be trained.
    1. You can increase your VO2max through practice.
  5. Your genes dictate how hard you work as well as how hard you will fall.
    1. Work ethic is hereditary as well as predisposition to certain injuries.

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