The Greatest Salesman in the World Book Summary (PDF) by Og Mandino

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Why This Book Matters:

Written by one of the most influential American writers, Augustine “Og” Mandino II, The Greatest Salesman is a masterpiece work for anyone who wants to become the best salesman ever. Og Mandino’s philosophy for becoming the greatest salesman is simple – become the best human being and you’ll automatically become the best salesman ever.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A great salesman always gives love to his/her customers, and with love comes trust.
    1. If The power of love is undeniable. It can even turn the worst enemy into a loyal friend. The same goes for customers as well.
  2. In order to learn and be successful as a salesman, you must first develop good habits within yourself.
    1. Developing good habits within yourself requires commitment and patience. A good salesman must empower him/herself with these tools.
  3. Gaining feedback about your sales ability helps you become better at your job.
    1. A great salesman always smiles, even if he/she is confronted with the rudest customer ever.
  4. A great salesman never shies away from a challenge and constantly works to improve.
    1. Don’t get laid down by failure or obstacles. Instead, take some time to reflect and come back with rejuvenated passion.
  5. Set up short milestones one at a time until you finally achieve your ultimate goal.
    1. Humans set up goals more frequently, but do less to achieve them. The easy way to avoid this is to set up a series of actions to move toward your ultimate goals.

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