In Cold Blood Book Summary (PDF) by Truman Capote

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Why This Book Matters:

In Cold Blood tells the story of two men who planned the perfect crime that soon went awry, leading to the killing of an entire family in small-town Kansas.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A couple of men plotted the perfect crime in a tiny town in Kansas.
    1. If The men debated what tools, drugs, and methods would be needed to perform a crime that could not be traced back to the killer.
  2. Neighbors discovered the bodies of the Clutter family.
    1. After being absent from church one Sunday, the neighbors of the Clutter family did a wellness check on their neighbors. This is when they found the bodies of the Clutters bound and bloodied.
  3. The murder of the Clutter Family was given to the states.
    1. The small-town law enforcement could not handle such a case, forcing the state to take over.
  4. After the state requested for more information over the radio, an unusual witness stepped forward.
    1. A man in the state’s prison admitted that he knew who may have murdered the Clutter family, for a man he once shared a cell with worked for Mr. Clutter and often spoke on how rich he was.
  5. The killing of the Clutter family was because of a fluke.
    1. The men who killed the Clutter family had no intention of killing the Clutter family but felt they had to after finding there was no money or riches to be taken from their home.

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