The Boys in the Boat Book Summary (PDF) by Daniel James Brown

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Why This Book Matters:

The Boys in the Boat shares how one group of young boys found themselves in the 1936 Berlin Olympics after battling the Great Depression.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A spot on the University of Washington rowing team was something many men wanted, but only a few achieved.
    1. If During this time in the Greate Depression, the University of Washington was giving jobs to the few men on the rowing team.
  2. Rowing is all about teamwork.
    1. When picking the team, the coaches had to not only pick the men who were healthy and capable but find the men who worked the best in unison.
  3. George Pocock provided University of Washington with the tools they needed to become truly successful.
    1. Pocock crafted boats that were soon considered some of the best.
  4. The University of Washington team saw success in their early years, but it was not certain if their success would continue.
    1. After the first two years, the success of the team was hard to predict.
  5. The University of Washington coach was forced to switch things up to push his team to the Olympics.
    1. The team that eventually made it to the Olympics had more in common than just their physical ability; they had similar values, which pushed them to success.

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