The Big Leap Book Summary (PDF) by Gay Hendricks

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Why This Book Matters:

The Big Leap teaches readers how they can take charge of their own lives to allow more happiness and achieve better results on a day to basis.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The way we breathe can help us encourage the joy we unconsciously try to keep away.
    1. If Everyone is a bit stand-offish when it comes to happiness.
  2. A lot of people believe that their joy has a cap.
    1. Too much happiness in one’s life can lead them to block future happiness.
  3. Some of the things you worry about have no value.
    1. We mustn’t keep ourselves from progressing in life by putting worries in the way.
  4. The Zone of Genius is where you’ll hit your targets and reach your goals.
    1. The Zone of Genius is where you do your best without overthinking it.
  5. Leave complaints behind so that small issues don’t turn into roadblocks.
    1. Realize that you are in control of your own life and destiny. This is where change starts.

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