The Art Of Happiness Book Summary (PDF) by Dalai Lama

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Why This Book Matters:

The Art of Happiness presents us with knowledge pulled from interviews with the Dalai Lama that can help guide us to happiness.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Your environment cannot bring you true happiness.
    1. If The way we approach each day and our attitude toward life are the only things that allow us to achieve genuine happiness.
  2. Allowing yourself to understand and empathize with others can help you achieve a more fruitful life.
    1. Try to find what you have in common with others to understand better how the other may be feeling.
  3. Romance is not the only pathway to a fulfilling relationship.
    1. The emphasis put on intimate relationships is an issue. Romance is not the fuel behind every fire. Communication, respect, and understanding are all parts of a deeper connection.
  4. You do not need religion to be spiritual.
    1. At the base of spirituality are control and respect. You don’t need to pray daily to achieve these things in your everyday life.
  5. You will suffer sometimes, but that is natural.
    1. Everyone struggles; frequently, people exaggerate their suffering to themselves. The sooner you accept that pain is a part of life, the sooner you can begin to assess why you are suffering, address your suffering, and bring more happiness to your life.

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