Team of Teams Book Summary (PDF) by General Stanley McChrystal with Tantum Collins, David Silverman and Chris Fussel

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Why This Book Matters:

Team of Teams describes how large corporations can benefit from compartmentalization to manage specific problems.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Efficiency is not always the best approach to use.
    1. If We live in a multifaceted world, and efficiency does not always mean triumph.
  2. Consider being robust and flexible instead of efficient to be effective.
    1. If companies can not or refuse to adapt, they could be condemning themselves to failure.
  3. If too many people are involved in one project, divide the project into multiple teams.
    1. One, large team cannot always be capable due to the massive size of it.
  4. Each team should look at the bigger picture and then decide how they fit into the puzzle.
    1. Teams that only consider their part in a project can doom the whole operation by not sharing information with the bigger team.
  5. Each team must have the ability to make decisions.
    1. Ensure that each team is prepared and has the materials they need to make their own decisions to keep the wheels turning.

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