Talk Like Ted Book Summary (PDF) by Carmine Gallo

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Why This Book Matters:

Talk Like Ted urges readers to look to TED Talks as guidance for how they can make an impact with their presentation.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Use TED Talks as an example of how you can up your skills when speaking to a group.
    1. If TED Talks are given by some of the most distinguished individuals, giving you a good idea of how to distinguish yourself.
  2. At the core of an excellent presentation is a fire.
    1. A love for what you do and what you say is important when trying to convey a message to others.
  3. Stories can be used to get your point across in a way that resonates with your audience.
    1. When you draw a listener in with a story, they are more likely to listen to the points you have to make because that story touches their innate humanness.
  4. Make sure your body is saying the same thing as your mouth.
    1. Keeping your verbal and non-verbal languages on the same page is one of the most reliable ways to share your message with certainty.
  5. Bring something new to the table.
    1. A lot of people have heard ideas similar to yours, but when you provide them with new information, they will become more engaged.

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