Restart Book Summary (PDF) by Mihir Sharma

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Why This Book Matters:

Restart is a factual analysis regarding the decline of Indians as a major gameplayer in the international political economy.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The cultural diversity in India impedes the progress in the infrastructure and development sector.
    1. If The lack of infrastructure and development creates hurdles for manufacturers because they do not have the means to focus on customer service.
  2. Finding a job is difficult in India because of economic downfall.
    1. The industrial jobs are next to none in India, and the agriculture sector faces setbacks due to loss, driving many out of their jobs.
  3. Turning towards the private sector was an unsuccessful step.
    1. When the economy was getting weak, the shift towards the private sector was a reform which helped stabilize the trembling economy but not for long.
  4. Political leaders should focus on administrative reforms in order to improve economic conditions.
    1. Natural resources are meant to be administered with great care so there is no unjust distribution of resources to the masses.
  5. The productivity of the agriculture sector should be improved by governmental reforms.
    1. The farms are facing huge losses currently, but it is possible for them to regain their position in the economy if their productivity is improved.

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