Quiet Book Summary (PDF) by Susan Cain

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Why This Book Matters:

Quiet examines the needs of people with different personality types to help readers understand how both introverts and extroverts can find comfort and success in their lives.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Extroverts thrive from a vibrant environment, while introverts tend to spend more time with themselves.
    1. If Extroverts love the thrill while introverts love the calm.
  2. Introverts are more susceptible to be affected by their environment.
    1. Introverts tend to look deeper into the message of things and find more enjoyment in activities and conversations they deem as valuable.
  3. Our brains dictate how we respond to stimuli. Our response is what makes us an introvert or extrovert.
    1. Those who experience heightened reactions from stimuli tend to avoid places that are loud or crowded. These people are introverts. On the other hand, some will seek out environments that offer external stimuli. These are our extroverts.
  4. Environment plays a significant factor in whether people succeed or fail.
    1. Introverted children do well in particular environments, while extroverted children are comfortable everywhere.
  5. We often equate extroverts with success.
    1. Introverts often find themselves in positions where they must seem extroverted to achieve their goals.

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