Gang Leader For A Day Book Summary (PDF) by Sudhir Venkatesh

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Why This Book Matters:

Gang Leader For A Day explains how gangs hold power in the projects, good and bad, and how it is a gang leader’s responsibility to always keep the operation running as smoothly as possible.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. 96% of the people in a Southside Chicago housing project have no job.
    1. If Odd jobs are an essential function to making things work in the projects.
  2. The projects are often ignored by law enforcement.
    1. Police are often fearful of what awaits them at the other end of an emergency call when it’s from the projects.
  3. Not all gangs are focused on just their own well-being.
    1. Many gang members attempt to keep the neighborhood safe by protecting the most vulnerable.
  4. The negative effects of gangs are existent, even if people don’t want to talk about them.
    1. Gangs are often the ones who profit off the addiction of their neighbors.
  5. Being a gang leader is not much different from being a CEO.
    1. Gangs hold power within their community and do so with responsibility.

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