Crossing the Chasm Book Summary (PDF) by Geoffrey A. Moore

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Why This Book Matters:

Crossing the Chasm explains the gap between the two groups of technology buyers, highlighting the importance of companies crossing that chasm to succeed.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. There are different motivations behind why people buy technological products.
    1. If Technology enthusiasts will be the first to buy an unknown product brand new.
  2. Other types of buyers are no less essential and follow a progression.
    1. Visionary buyers want technology to play a part in substantial change while pragmatists want changes little by little.
  3. Each group of buyers is necessary for the success of a product.
    1. Products must cross from the enthusiasts, to visionaries, to pragmatists, and continue down the line to be successful.
  4. Tweaking the product after production leads to losses.
    1. The goal is to focus on a market niche and stay there for a well-developed product that buyers will trust.
  5. The most challenging aspect of new technology is to gain individual consumer trust over businesses.
    1. Once the chasm has been crossed, and the product is successful within all groups, the company must continually be improving the product to maintain buyer loyalty.

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