Lincoln on Leadership Book Summary (PDF) by Donald T. Phillips

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Why This Book Matters:

Lincoln on Leadership examines how Abraham Lincoln was able to lead successfully during the Civil War era.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Leaders today should study Lincoln’s efforts to see how they can be an effective leader.
    1. If A good place to start is by conversating with employees from every department of the company.
  2. Leaders such as Lincoln never coerced anyone. Instead, he was kind and persuasive.
    1. Try to make commands sound more like propositions.
  3. Lincoln became great at communication by learning when to speak up and when to stay quiet.
    1. Remaining quiet can be beneficial for the speaker because it can prevent the speaker from being misunderstood by others.
  4. Lincoln inspired scientific advances by encouraging innovators to continue.
    1. He accomplished this by allowing for proposals and research to take place.
  5. Lincoln demonstrated forgiveness and used it as a tactic to build up trust with both his friends and foes.
    1. Doing this built trust and encouragement within his administration.

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