Just Mercy Book Summary (PDF) by Bryan Stevenson

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Why This Book Matters:

Just Mercy highlights the injustices within America’s criminal justice system, including the target America puts on the back of minorities, including the African-American population, the mentally ill, women, and children.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The American criminal justice system has been noticeably unbalanced and cruel for nearly 40 years.
    1. If Since the 1980s, the American criminal justice system has been under fire for being overly harsh.
  2. The criminal justice system has abused the African-American population in America.
    1. Numerous racial biases are going unaddressed in America’s criminal justice system.
  3. Kids are suffering from the misuse of America’s criminal justice system.
    1. Since the 1980s, children as young as 13 have been tried as adults within America’s criminal justice system.
  4. Women have also suffered from the imbalances present in the American criminal justice system.
    1. Habits starting as a pleasurable experience can help motivate you to repeat it.
  5. The prisoner is not the only victim of the American criminal justice system.
    1. The family and friends of prisoners are affected by the unfair mass incarceration happening in America today.

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