To Sell Is Human Book Summary (PDF) by Daniel Pink

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Why This Book Matters:

To Sell is Human gives readers tips to ensure more effective selling points and persuasion techniques.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Integrity and business are the new doctrines of selling.
    1. If In the past, the blame would be on the customers for making a bad purchase rather than holding the salesperson responsible for lacking integrity.
  2. When making sales, comprehending the viewpoint of others helps to motivate them.
    1. A great way to accomplish this is by assuming you have the lesser power when making a sale.
  3. Rejection is an inevitable part of sales, so learn how to overcome it early on.
    1. Viewing rejection as something temporary as opposed to permanent will help you maintain your confidence and be prepared for the next sales pitch.
  4. Encourage others by helping them understand their issues and solutions.
    1. Ensure that you provide your client with full directions on how to fix their issue.
  5. Make your sales pitch personal to each client to engage them completely.
    1. Strive to find the purpose of the sale and explain it to those you are trying to engage with.

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