Inside Out Book Summary (PDF) by Demi Moore

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Why This Book Matters:

Inside Out tells the life story of an actress, Demi Moore as she navigated a difficult childhood and a rocky start to her professional career.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The life of Demi Moore was plagued by sickness and rocky parental relationships.
    1. If Demi was diagnosed with a complex kidney disease at the age of five; meanwhile, her parents were young and spent an abundance of time fighting, doing drugs, and being unfaithful to one another.
  2. Demi was sexually assaulted at age 15.
    1. The rape left Demi vulnerable to the world and its gross realities.
  3. Demi watched her vibrant neighbor with amazement.
    1. This neighbor was a German woman and an aspiring actress who urged Demi to give acting a try.
  4. Her first love and first movie came in her early years.
    1. It was in her late teens that Demi met her husband and was cast in her first role.
  5. Addiction plagued Demi soon after her career started.
    1. Even when Demi got what she desired, she could not hide from the shadows of life.

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