Good People Book Summary (PDF) by Anthony Tjan

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Why This Book Matters:

Good People discusses how good people are critical for the success of a business and challenges the ideas that the only way to succeed is through talent.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Good capabilities are different from good morals.
    1. If Do not disregard skills such as actuality, kindness, and morality.
  2. Mutual values that define goodness dictate our actions.
    1. Goodness should be separated from talents and abilities.
  3. Morality is the basic component of the “Goodness Pyramid.”
    1. Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of both self-proclaimed values and actual conduct.
  4. Goodness and tension go hand in hand.
    1. Being constructive when providing feedback is crucial, but remember to be kind.
  5. Goodness enables us to guide others.
    1. Working as a collective unit and helping others is what makes for a successful business.

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