When Book Summary (PDF) by Daniel H. Pink

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Why This Book Matters:

When examines the relevance of timing in our lives.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We experience the same repetition of emotions every day.
    1. If From morning to evening, there is a clear series of emotions that we experience in a day.
  2. Understanding your personal pattern of emotions will help you seize the day.
    1. People experience different series of emotions throughout their day. Learning which emotions you experience when can help you utilize those feelings and become more productive.
  3. Give yourself time to avoid errors.
    1. Taking breaks throughout the day can help you achieve better results on your tasks.
  4. A well-timed nap can be good for you.
    1. Well-timed breaks not only help us think better; they help our body feel better and lift our moods.
  5. A rush of emotions can often be associated with and ending.
    1. Creating a link between your past self and future self can aid in making endings happier.

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