Getting The Love You Want Book Summary (PDF) by Harville Hendrix

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Why This Book Matters:

Getting the Love You Want helps individuals confront their wants and needs from adolescence to help them build a stronger relationship with their romantic partner.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Who you choose to be your life-partner is determined by what you longed for as a child.
    1. If During childhood, we decided what the ideal person to care for us would be like.
  2. The undesirable traits of our parents can show up in our partners, making them less desirable.
    1. We often ignore the unappealing parts of our partner in the first few months, especially those that remind us of our parents.
  3. You are always searching for an escape plan, even if you don’t realize it.
    1. Failing to commit to a relationship fully is a way for you to have an easy exit.
  4. Everyone expects their partner to give them gifts.
    1. You may think, “I don’t expect my partner to give me anything,” but in some way or another, you expect your partner to care for you, including giving you things unconditionally.
  5. Leaving your ego behind is a way of showing your partner you are growing and ready for love.
    1. Your personality can stand to undergo some changes for the sake of your relationship. It may seem like a significant change, but some changes show a desire for love.

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