Essentialism Book Summary (PDF) by Greg McKeown

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Why This Book Matters:

Essentialism teaches us how to get rid of everything but the essentials to live a life free from the distractions that lead us down an unproductive path.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Essentialism works on four concepts.
    1. If Do less, don’t try to accomplish everything, decide what’s worth doing, and put new changes into place quickly.
  2. Remove unimportant tasks and leave only those that are vital.
    1. Instead of taking on every activity you ever wanted, pick only a few that have significant meaning to you.
  3. Boredom can be beneficial.
    1. During times of boredom, we can focus on what is essential.
  4. Adults need to play more.
    1. Play helps connect ideas, relieve stress, and help us analyze to prioritize.
  5. Eliminate activities that slow you down and set boundaries.
    1. Creating new routines is the way to make permanent change with your essential priorities.

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