Braving the Wilderness Book Summary (PDF) by Brené Brown

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Why This Book Matters:

Braving the Wilderness questions society’s idea of what it means to fit in and the emotions surrounding feeling as though one doesn’t belong.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. Therefore, when people feel like they don’t fit in, they can experience emotional distress.
    1. If The emotions that come with rejection from early childhood carry into adulthood.
  2. Belong to yourself and not anyone else.
    1. Do not change who you are to become who someone else thinks you should be.
  3. You must have trust in yourself and be brave while you learn about yourself.
    1. Listen to your gut instincts and be ready to have challenging interactions with others.
  4. Emphasize personal experiences without giving into a rage to reduce the feeling of loneliness.
    1. Pay attention to your own experiences, and remember that being brave, yet vulnerable, is alright.
  5. Do not allow rage to turn you into a bitter person. Instead, use it to try to improve on who you are.
    1. Challenge your anger by allowing yourself to feel those emotions and have difficult conversations within your mind about who you are.

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