Bad Feminist Book Summary (PDF) by Roxane Gay

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Why This Book Matters:

Bad Feminist explains how there is no one particular way to be a feminist.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We are likely all “bad feminists.”
    1. If The definition of “feminism” is not straight-forward, for many versions of feminism exist.
  2. There is not much “reality” in reality television.
    1. Reality television presents viewers with a distorted version of reality, playing up female stereotypes to appease to a narrow-minded audience.
  3. TV shows often use rape as just another storyline, making it harder for people to understand the weight of sexual assault in real life.
    1. People are used to seeing the battered bodies of abused women on their television screens, leaving them ignorant of the complexity of pain.
  4. Movies that tell the stories that seem unconventional are a step toward progress.
    1. In “The Help,” stereotypes were swept aside to portray a story that was true to the character of the people whose story it was telling.
  5. Both racism and sexism toward black Americans are still rooted in the system.
    1. There are far too many excuses being made for the violent acts of white men.

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