10% Happier Book Summary (PDF) by Dan Harris

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Why This Book Matters:

10% Happier breaks down the elusiveness of meditation using modern-day research about what meditation can do for your mind and body, especially in today’s topsy-turvy world.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Your ego is your unconscious perception of self.
    1. If Ego is not just how you think about yourself, but dictates the little things you do.
  2. Your ego will always want more.
    1. Regardless of what you have, the ego will always want you to have more, and you will never be satisfied.
  3. Being kind and learning to empathize with others can help you influence your ego’s desire.
    1. Once we learn how to live in the present with others, our ego will not be as hungry.
  4. Controlling your ego doesn’t mean letting others walk all over you.
    1. Realize what the most important things are to you and fight for them, but don’t fight for everything.
  5. Meditation can help you achieve mindfulness.
    1. Stop judging yourself and others for a while every day to focus on only your breathing. The effects will help you learn to refocus in your everyday life.

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