Why We Sleep Book Summary (PDF) by Matthew Walker

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Why This Book Matters:

Why We Sleep helps readers understand the importance of sleep, the dangers of sleep deprivation, and how to achieve better sleep.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Our internal clock is always ticking, and it is what creates our sleep schedule.
    1. If Your body follows its natural desire based on the circadian rhythms.
  2. A lack of sleep can contribute to a number of health issues.
    1. Hypertension and cardiac issues are linked to people not getting enough sleep.
  3. The need for sleep varies by animal.
    1. Different types of animals experience sleep in several different ways. This includes the amount of sleep they get as well as the kind of sleep they get.
  4. The key to getting better sleep is by soaking in the sun.
    1. Humans must add sunlight and subtract things like alcohol and nicotine to achieve a good night’s rest.
  5. Sleep deprivation can make you hurt yourself and others.
    1. Going without sleep for excessive amounts of time can make you a danger to society.

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