The Hot Zone Book Summary (PDF) by Richard Preston

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Why This Book Matters:

The Hot Zone gives us a historic background of the Ebola virus and how its spread across the globe brought disaster and it still is a threat to the future.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The destruction capacity and mechanism of the Ebola virus is undefeated.
    1. If The Ebola virus stimulates the loss of blood from the body and destroys the organs and their functions which can lead to death.
  2. The spread of the Ebola virus outperforms a lot of other viruses which makes it more deadly.
    1. The Ebola virus can reach the host body through a minor infected blood droplet and this transfer can go unnoticed until the virus starts attacking the organs.
  3. Research work against Ebola virus faces setbacks because of its potential risk for scientists.
    1. Ebola virus is a symbol of terror among scientists as it can impact the researcher both physically and mentally.
  4. The couriers of the Ebola virus are shockingly the most common and important components of our daily lives.
    1. The lousy medical treatments infect healthy persons with the Ebola virus, and it can also spread from different modes of transportation.
  5. The consequences of this virus are mostly underestimated.
    1. People don’t pay much attention to its consequences and that is why it wreaks havoc among them.

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