The 5 Second Rule Book Summary (PDF) by Mel Robbins

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Why This Book Matters:

The 5 Second Rule helps readers leave fear at the door and face life head-on.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. It takes less than five seconds for you to act on impulse.
    1. If By waiting for the initial first five seconds to pass in a situation where impulse seems to win, you can give yourself a choice to act differently in a familiar situation.
  2. You may find courage through the five-second rule.
    1. You are capable of pushing through the times you are scared.
  3. There is no such thing as the right moment.
    1. It takes one decision to change how people look at you. If you want to change, change now. There may never be a “next time.”
  4. How you feel comes naturally. How you act is your decision.
    1. Taking those five seconds before an impulse to say “no” to something can put you in a place where you can reconsider and choose success.
  5. You may find yourself remorseful for “wasting” so much time thinking things wouldn’t work out.
    1. Direct your attention to what you have and not what you could have had if only…

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