Never Eat Alone Book Summary (PDF) by Keith Ferrazzi

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Why This Book Matters:

Expert networker and author Keith Ferrazzi will convince you of the game-changing power of networking and explain exactly how to leverage it as your most potent tool in finding profound professional success.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You must build a strong personal network to find success in your career
    1. A lone wolf mentality can only get you so far.
    2. Example: More than twice as many job seekers find employment via personal contacts than through job advertisements or external applications.
  2. Make generosity and loyalty the cornerstones of your networking strategy
    1. The more you help and support others, the more likely they are to return the favor.
    2. Example: Helping a new friend move builds more loyalty than passing a business card.
  3. Build your network before you ever actually need to use it
    1. Networking to find immediate support fails because trust has not yet been established.
    2. Example: Asking a new acquaintance for a job referral in their industry will be far less successful than if you had built trust and loyalty with them over the past six months.
  4. Maximize your networking skills by finding common ties
    1. Building relationships is about the quality of time spent, not quantity. Find the glue that bonds you with another person, whether it be a hobby, politics, food, etc.
    2. Example: A person with whom you discuss similar interests will be more deeply bonded with you than they would if you stick to surface-level small talk.
  5. Your ability to network is dependent on your delivery of a unique message
    1. To make sure others remember you, take a stand and offer engaging conversation.
    2. Example: Potential clients will contact the freelance designer who spoke meaningfully at last month’s dinner party rather than the designer who contributed nothing.
  6. Use super-connectors to build your network
    1. Super-connectors, those who meet hundreds of new people each day, are your best bet for growing your network because they can help you connect with the right people.
    2. Example: Super connectors are in all fields but are particularly concentrated in journalism, politics, and restaurant/bar management.
  7. Formulate a networking action plan to achieve goals you’ve set for yourself
    1. You must identify your blue flame – the intersection between your passions and your abilities – and build specific long, middle, and short term goals to find success.
    2. Example: Ted’s blue flame was woodworking, so his goals were saving money, building a business plan, and building a network to market his product effectively.
  8. The right branding and the right mentors will help you achieve success
    1. Living in a consumer-driven world means you must market yourself and surround yourself with experienced people who can help expose your brand to customers.
    2. Example: Successful YouTubers build brands around their identities. They develop relationships with established YouTubers, using their support to grow their brand.

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