Leadership and Self-Deception Book Summary (PDF) by The Arbinger Institute

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Why This Book Matters:

Leadership and Self-Deception teaches you how to escape the state of always believing that what you need has importance over what others need.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We often treat others as if they are less important than ourselves.
    1. If Sometimes our sense of self-importance prevents us from seeing others as equals, prioritizing our needs over theirs.
  2. We look for validation in amplifying the downfalls of others and the success of ourselves.
    1. Self-deception makes us think of ourselves as the hero of every story, always looking for more ways to make our successes seem more significant.
  3. Dislike for others shows through our actions, not just our words.
    1. You do not have to tell someone you dislike them for them to know. Our actions, even if veiled by pleasantries, can show our true feelings.
  4. Seeking validation of our viewpoint is toxic.
    1. Our distorted version of self will never be an accurate portrayal of who we are, and expecting others to see and applaud us for who we think we are is unrealistic and will only hurt us.
  5. Always following through with the urge to help others can help overcome self-deception.
    1. The only way we can slip out of the habit of self-deception is to notice when we can help others and follow through with selfless acts.

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