In Defense of Food Book Summary (PDF) by Michael Pollan

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Why This Book Matters:

In this fascinating study of the difference between food & nutritionism, the renowned American author and food ecologist Michael Pollan takes a keen look at how the food industry has successfully changed our perception of dietary needs.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Focusing more on nutrition rather than the quality of food results in poor health.
    1. If The rise of nutritionism in the last 50 years has led people toward processed foods that are mostly ripped of their organic nutrients.
  2. The nutrient-focused claims on food products misinterpret real health factors.
    1. The so-called nutritional qualities labeled on food products successfully hide the real nutritional value of a food.
  3. Science-backed diets against cultural food aren’t doing much good for Americans.
    1. Despite more and more Americans cutting out fatty ingredients, problems such as obesity and diabetes persist.
  4. The real health factor of an ingredient lies in the soil, not in the industry.
    1. Western diet has shifted its production from nutrient-rich soil to chemicalized industries. This is the problem.
  5. Eat natural, pure, and unprocessed foods.
    1. Remove over-complicated foods from your diet.

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