Excellent Sheep Book Summary (PDF) by William Deresiewicz

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Why This Book Matters:

Excellent Sheep explains the class structure in society and how the creative thinking capability of an individual is affected by American colleges.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The burden of studies and pressurized academic atmosphere undermines personal grooming.
    1. If The decision-making power and freedom to dream big is undermined by the strict academic cultures inside American colleges.
  2. Parents contribute to hindering the creativity of their children.
    1. Parents tend to guide their kids to their career path, prohibiting the young students to dream independently.
  3. The professionalism of academic institutions is a challenger against quality education.
    1. Colleges and schools have become business models, and the education system suffers because of this culture.
  4. Institutions should be encouraging students to think freely.
    1. A student should be able to choose his career without relying on someone else for their answers.
  5. The high-profile institutions promote elitist culture in society ultimately.
    1. The class differences created by such academic institutions create hurdles for lower-income students while grooming higher-income students to become leaders.

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