David And Goliath Book Summary (PDF) by Malcolm Gladwell

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Why This Book Matters:

David and Goliath explains how common disadvantages can give people the upper hand.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Looking at our accomplishments against those of our successful peers prevents us from being our best selves.
    1. If Our desire to go head to head with the best to become better only hurts our self-esteem.
  2. The more opportunity a child has in their natural environment, the less they learn about the real world.
    1. The more elite of an education a child receives, the less opportunity they have to learn skills rooted in survival.
  3. The issues children have with learning are difficult in the present moment but allow them to learn a set of skills unique to them.
    1. For example, people with reading disabilities are more likely to answer elaborate or trick questions correctly because they must slow down to read the words.
  4. Trauma gives people a sense of bravery that allows them to push on in their everyday lives.
    1. People who face trauma are more likely to put in the time and effort to make things the way they desire.
  5. Those who may be seen as the weakest link can pull ahead by doing things in a way that differs from everyone else.
    1. The underdog is capable of success through means of his own.

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