Born A Crime Book Summary (PDF) by Trevor Noah

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Why This Book Matters:

Born a Crime follows the life of Trevor Noah, a biracial man born during South Africa’s apartheid, and his rise despite being born a [racial] crime.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Apartheid (racial segregation) took place in South Africa from 1948 to 1991.
    1. If Noah’s birth was illegal as he was biracial, and apartheid forbade interracial relations.
  2. Apartheid labeled Noah “colored” instead of just Black.
    1. This caused significant identity issues for Trevor as a young man because he considered himself Black and was unable to identify with his combined races fully.
  3. Noah became a deejay with the help of his friend Hitler.
    1. Though he couldn’t afford one himself, a White friend gave him a CD writer that led to them getting into some trouble at a party. The problem: people chanting “Go Hitler” as Noah deejayed and his pal danced.
  4. Noah did have trouble with the law (because it was difficult for Blacks to find honest work post-apartheid), but his luck reformed him.
    1. While in jail, Noah took notice of the other inmates and began to realize he was fortunate–other Blacks did not have the same fortune as him
  5. Noah still managed to rise despite his background.
    1. Trevor Noah is now a renowned host/comedian.

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