Tribes Book Summary (PDF) by Seth Godin

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Why This Book Matters:

Tribes highlights the influence of people who come together for a greater good, identified as social “tribes, as well as how we can utilize tribes for progress in our businesses and our lives.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. You belong to a tribe now.
    1. If Tribes are all around us as families, friend groups, churches, businesses, etc.
  2. Your viewpoints can’t cater to everyone.
    1. A strong tribe has a concentrated focus.
  3. Anyone is capable of leading a tribe through things like social media.
    1. Social media platforms are fantastic tools for tribe-building, for they allow for communication amongst people, not just to people.
  4. If your cause means something, others will believe in it.
    1. The reason behind your cause will be the number one motivator for people to follow.
  5. Focus on the strength of the relationships within your movement before your focus on growth.
    1. A tribe is built off of a strong bond between people. Once others see the authenticity, growth will come organically.

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