This Changes Everything Book Summary (PDF) by Naomi Klein

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Why This Book Matters:

This Changes Everything teaches readers about the fossil fuel industry and the greed that fuels it.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A desire for more than what one deserves leads to destruction.
    1. If Pollution, deforestation, and over-harvesting nonrenewable resources are often fueled by pure greed.
  2. Not only are forests and their inhabitants affected by using fossil fuel, but so are humans.
    1. There is much risk in using fossil fuels that people ignore because it is the most convenient route.
  3. Some organizations believe that there is a balance to be found.
    1. Several wildlife organizations take money from fossil fuel companies in the name of preservation.
  4. Programs meant to protect the environment are often abused.
    1. The loopholes in international policy encourage companies to take advantage of policies.
  5. The rich know climate change is existent but do not do much to help.
    1. Billionaires can make positive change but refuse to do so because it can hinder their financial interests.

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