Kindle eBook Daily Deals 08/24/20

  1. Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World (Psychology, $3.99)
    1. By Vivek H Murthy M.D.
    2. 4.7/5 stars with 176 reviews
    3. During Murthy’s tenure as Surgeon General and during the research for Together, he found that there were few issues that elicited as much enthusiastic interest from both very conservative and very liberal members of Congress, from young and old people, or from urban and rural residents alike. Loneliness was something so many people have known themselves or have seen in the people around them. In the book, Murthy also shares his own deeply personal experiences with the subject–from struggling with loneliness in school, to the devastating loss of his uncle who succumbed to his own loneliness, as well as the important example of community and connection that his parents modeled. Simply, it’s a universal condition that affects all of us directly or through the people we love—now more than ever.