The Design Of Everyday Things Book Summary (PDF) by Donald A. Norman

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Why This Book Matters:

The Design of Everyday Things explains the importance of design in the lives of everyday people.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Overly complicated design is the designer’s fault.
    1. If Keeping up with the rise of technology while keeping a product simple to use is a difficult task.
  2. When a product is designed with good intention, the product will show the user its purpose.
    1. When a designer builds a product, they must make it in a way that is user friendly.
  3. The designer must not only consider the physical interaction with their design but the psychological as well.
    1. To make a product that goes above and beyond, the designer must consider the use of the product as well as the way a human will use the product.
  4. Most failed designs have a problem at their core.
    1. Finding the root issue can help designers make their products more user-friendly.
  5. Some of the most prosperous designs enforce limits.
    1. When a product is only made for one use, it is more successful because a straight-forward approach often makes the most sense.

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