Kindle eBook Daily Deals 12/22/20

  1. Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn’t Designed for You (Psychology, $1.99)

    1. By Jenara Nerenberg.
    2. 4.6/5 stars with 121 reviews.
    3. Divergent Mind is a long-overdue, much-needed answer for women who have a deep sense that they are “different.” Sharing real stories from women with high sensitivity, ADHD, autism, misophonia, dyslexia, SPD and more, Nerenberg explores how these brain variances present differently in women and dispels widely-held misconceptions (for example, it’s not that autistic people lack sensitivity and empathy, they have an overwhelming excess of it).
  2. The Book of Eels: Our Enduring Fascination with the Most Mysterious Creature in the Natural World (Science, $2.99)

    1. By Patrik Svensson.
    2. 4.6/5 stars with 274 reviews.
    3. In The Book of Eels, we meet renowned historical thinkers, from Aristotle to Sigmund Freud to Rachel Carson, for whom the eel was a singular obsession. And we meet the scientists who spearheaded the search for the eel’s point of origin, including Danish marine biologist Johannes Schmidt, who led research efforts in the early twentieth century, catching thousands upon thousands of eels, in the hopes of proving their birthing grounds in the Sargasso Sea.