Kindle eBook Daily Deals 11/06/20

  1. Business Etiquette Made Easy: The Essential Guide to Professional Success (Business, $1.99)

    1. By Myka Meier.
    2. 4.8/5 stars with 109 reviews.
    3. Etiquette expert Myka Meier has coached thousands of business professionals and worked with internal human resources and hiring departments of some of the most successful Fortune 100 companies to learn what it takes to be the best in business. It may surprise you to learn that etiquette is what differentiates you from everyone else, and Business Etiquette Made Easy shows you how to put your best professional foot forward.
  2. What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins (Science, $2.99)

    1. By Jonathan Balcombe.
    2. 4.7/5 stars with 332 reviews.
    3. Do fishes think? Do they really have three-second memories? And can they recognize the humans who peer back at them from above the surface of the water? In What a Fish Knows, the myth-busting ethologist Jonathan Balcombe addresses these questions and more, taking us under the sea, through streams and estuaries, and to the other side of the aquarium glass to reveal the surprising capabilities of fishes.
  3. The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time (Psychology, $2.99)

    1. By Maria Konnikova.
    2. 4.2/5 stars with 450 reviews.
    3. From multimillion-dollar Ponzi schemes to small-time frauds, Konnikova pulls together a selection of fascinating stories to demonstrate what all cons share in common, drawing on scientific, dramatic, and psychological perspectives. Insightful and gripping, the book brings readers into the world of the con, examining the relationship between artist and victim. The Confidence Game asks not only why we believe con artists, but also examines the very act of believing and how our sense of truth can be manipulated by those around us.